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About me


Hi, I'm Chloë Edwards and I'm an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist working in Brighton & Hove.


What is 'Integrative' Counselling?

Integrative counselling / therapy is named because it integrates many different ways of working into one. What that means for you in the therapy room is that rather than being offered one approach and hoping it works, we can try lots of different types of therapy and then pick and choose the parts that work best for you. This might mean that each session feels very different from the last, or that we find one way of working that suits you every week but the choice is always yours. 

How might counselling sessions look?

Therapy is traditionally about talking, be that of the past, the present, or fantasies of what could or will be. In your sessions you will be asked to discuss your current issue, your goals, and an overview of your past so that we can work out what's not working for you.

I also offer less taking based, more creative therapies: Sometimes we don't know what words to use to describe what's going on for us. I therefore also offer some more creative ways to work through your distress - this might take the form of writing, drawing, or depicting ideas in a sand tray in order to access your thoughts and feelings whilst bypassing logic (which can often block our access to our emotions). If you've ever found yourself unable to describe what's going on for you, this can be a great way to still be able to make use of the therapeutic space.

My qualifications

I have an MA in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy from Roehampton University, am an accredited member of the BACP (one of the UK's leading regulators of counsellors and psychotherapists) I am also accredited by EMDR UK as an EMDR Practitioner, and have a certificate in Drug and Alcohol Counselling from Change, Grow, Live. I also undergo regular top up trainings in a variety of areas every year, and so am constantly adding to my skills and experience.

If you think a session with me might be helpful then please get in touch. If you're not quite sure yet, then keep reading through my site, or if you have a specific question please contact me and I'll be happy to discuss your needs.

Issues I work with

My primary focus is on you as a person in distress rather than a specific set of issues which need to be 'fixed'. However I understand that when you are struggling its hard to see past these issues. I therefore want to reassure you that I am well equipped to deal with a large array of problems which might bring you to therapy including trauma, anxiety, depression, a loss of your sense of self, substance addiction or dependence, self esteem and much more. For an in-depth look at how I would help you tackle some of these issues, please click on the links below:

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