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EMDR therapy for trauma

EMDR is a very effective form of therapy in working with any kind of stuck thoughts or traumatic memories. Through a specific process it is designed to help to desensitise difficult thoughts and memories and allow you to remember without being triggered.

Removing emotional charge from a memory also removes the potential for it to trigger you. It is the difference between remembering what you had for lunch last Tuesday vs the fear you felt in a near miss traffic collision: no matter how good the lunch was, you will remember it without experiencing the emotions you felt at the time, whereas if you felt fear when you were nearly hit by a car, then you might recall that fear the next time you cross the street in the same place or see a car approaching you - this is a triggered response and can pop up at any time.

The process of EMDR uses bi-lateral stimulation (anything which switches between the left and right sides of you body repeatedly) to help your mind make connections across the right and left sides of your brain whilst you recall the stuck thought. This allows your brain to collect up elements of the memory and properly store them in the long term memory stores in your mind - here the memory then stays until you actively choose to access it. No more triggered emotions.

If you think you might want to try some sessions with me, then please get in touch.

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