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Talk Therapy

The term 'talk therapy' encompasses a number of different approaches that all primarily involve sitting in a room one to one with a therapist and getting to the bottom of your issues with words. We often assume that we know what's going on in our own heads, but it's only through the process of expressing our thoughts (verbally or through the written word) that we really form coherent ideas.

Talk therapy isn't about a therapist acting as an expert in your life, but rather as an unbiased listener who can help you to sort through your thoughts, identify your issues, and find your solutions to the aspects of your life that are currently causing you distress.

When you come to therapy there will be three broad areas that will be addressed - your current issues as you experience them right now, your past and where these issues might have arisen from, and the future as you would like it to be and how to get there. As an integrative therapist I don't believe there is no one size fits all approach to therapy, so how much time we spend talking about the past, present or future will vary from person to person - we can adapt our approach to fit what feels comfortable for you.

If you think you might want to try some sessions with me, then please get in touch.

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