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Learn to build a life you enjoy with therapy

You might be looking for therapy because you're struggling, feel like you've already tried everything else, or because it's been recommended to you. You might be in crisis, or experiencing a prolonged period of unhappiness or anxiety leading you to worry you just don't know how to feel better. Therapy can help. 

Therapy is empowering - it puts the control for your life firmly back in your hands in a supported way. You can begin to feel unstuck, and feel confident that you can face anything life throws at you in a healthy way that doesn't leave you regretting your actions or feeling the need to run for the hills.

I can help you to build a life that you enjoy living. 

If you've never had therapy before then the idea of speaking to a stranger about the things you find hardest can be overwhelming, but once you've taken that first step the benefits can be enormous.


There are lots of different kinds of therapy, and I specialise in adapting the way I work to best suit you. No matter how we work together you will always be in control to say as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. You have the answers, I'm just here to help you to find them.

Whether you have a specific issue you'd like therapy to help you with, or a more general feeling of things not being quite right I'd be happy to hear from you.

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